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The partners of Montagu Evans LLP recognise that through business-led Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) the growth and financial health of the enterprise is enhanced. Reflecting the fundamental values of the business our CSR commitment is to ensure that, as far as is proper and reasonable, the impact of what we do is to the economic, social and environmental benefit of our stakeholders and the wider community.

We recognise and perform the obligations we have towards our clients, suppliers, competitors, our staff and the community as a whole. We believe our reputation, together with the trust and confidence of those with whom we deal, to be one of our most valuable assets. In order to keep this reputation and trust, we demand and maintain the highest ethical standards in carrying out our business activities.


Montagu Evans is a business built upon two fundamental and related values, partnership and trust.


This is a value that permeates all aspects of our corporate activity. Partnership underpins those relationships which are key to the effective direction, operation and growth of the enterprise; to the creation of business and professional collaborations both internal and external; and to the delivery of distinctive and substantial value to our clients.


We aim to create and maintain long term relationships of trust with our clients, led by our partners. A distinguishing feature of Montagu Evans is the fact that all clients, on every project, will continue to have personal access to a partner as part of the dedicated project team. This approach affords clients a service enriched by strong professional experience and knowledge.

Quality of Services

The health and reputation of our business is dependent on the continued delivery of the highest standard of work for our clients at all times, and on being recognised for such. That recognition, informal and formal, may also come from third parties including appropriate media and professional bodies. 
  • We aim for best practice
Montagu Evans understands and respects its obligations to its clients and aims to be well informed in key developments in best practice and thereby to provide the highest quality of service and value at all times. 
  • We have a ‘duty of care’ to all clients
    We will continue to demonstrate our commitment by acting to the highest professional standards as set out by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Code of Practice. 
  • We are solutions driven

    Montagu Evans combines professional specialisation and organisational flexibility to offer tailor-made solutions for all of our clients. Our various client service departments can work autonomously or combine to support our clients at every step, dependent on the particular needs of the project concerned. Our portfolio of work will continue to demonstrate the successful application of this approach. 


At Montagu Evans we have more than 70 partners in the company. This ‘flat’ management structure is extremely important to us as well as to our clients - it promotes excellence, initiative, professional development and career progression by giving hands-on experience supported by ready access to the wealth of our skills and experience.
  • All employees have responsibility

    We do not encourage hierarchy at Montagu Evans. We foster openness, professionalism, trust and self-motivation. Our employees are chosen both for their skills and their attitude. We value self-starters, creativity and teamwork. We reward strong performance. 
  • We thrive through adaptability
We continue to lead the field in identifying new markets and spotting trends in existing ones. We then act fast and get the right people involved to exploit the opportunities and to turn them into profitable, revenue generating projects. 
  • We will consider the future of our people

    Our current partners are all graduates. We will continue to operate a graduate programme as a central part of our recruitment and employee development process. 
  • We recruit the best

    We build our professional teams by recruiting the best talent around. Montagu Evans is an equal opportunities employer.
  • Communication is vital

    We encourage clear communication between all parties at all times, both internally and externally. As part of our CSR commitment we encourage the greatest possible degree of transparency throughout the business.


With over 300 staff in four offices across England and Scotland we recognise the need to identify, monitor and implement significant energy saving and waste reduction measures. 
As a leading property consultancy, Montagu Evans needs to be able to convey good environmental advice and guidance in relation to client projects. 
  • We believe in simple steps
At Montagu Evans we learn fast by taking simple practical steps. This is the approach we are adopting for the long-term reduction of our own environmental impact. 
  • We want to leave our mark, but not a carbon footprint

    The first step to carbon emissions reduction is to measure and understand what we consume and what we produce. Therefore, we are assessing our internal energy use and identifying opportunities to save.
  • We aim to minimise waste
We will continue to embrace issues such as recycling and other ways to significantly reduce waste.
  • We promote good practice
As a team of experienced industry experts we believe in sharing our knowledge through the advice we provide to others. Therefore, as we encourage positive sustainable development in the work we do, we also encourage our clients to understand the wider impacts of their buildings. 


Montagu Evans supports its staff’s involvement and participation in charitable activities. The further development of activity in this area is to be encouraged.
  • We actively support and encourage

    We are a Partner firm of LandAid the charity which helps young disadvantaged children in the UK. We also aim to support employees' charitable endeavours, for example by facilitating appropriate pro bono work, fundraising, or volunteering. 
  • We share our skills

    Our Firm will continue to operate a ‘mentoring scheme’ for young people to equip them with real experience and skills gained in different teams.
Montagu Evans are a Partner Firm of the charity LandAid,  the property industry charity working to end youth homelessness in the UK. This year, over 80,000 young people in the UK will be homeless. Many are forced to sleep in overcrowded hostels, in cheap B&Bs or on the streets. LandAid brings together remarkable businesses and individuals across the property industry to support projects delivering life-changing services for young people facing homelessness. By awarding grants and arranging free property expertise for outstanding charities, LandAid helps protect young people on the streets, provide accommodation and training, tackle the root causes of homelessness and give young people a platform to have their voices heard.

For further information please visit their website by clicking HERE

In Summary

The five principles upon which we have established our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy are strong values of partnership and trust, excellence in our quality of service, concern to improve our impact upon the environment, investment and confidence in our people, and contribution to our wider community. These underpin Montagu Evans as a business and inform the way we work.
We are committed to communicating with our staff, suppliers, clients and other stakeholders as to the nature, quality, impact and benefits of our CSR activity as it is rolled out over the long term.

Rob Bower

Managing Partner
October 2016