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Montagu Evans sponsor RIBA Tall Buildings seminar

Montagu Evans are sponsoring RIBA's seminar on Tuesday 9th May entitled "London's high-rise future: exhilarating or alarming?" Hear a panel of experts discuss the unprecedented growth in London's skyline – and the potential wider impact of this surge.

Lord Palumbo faced fierce opposition to build a 19-story ‘skyscraper’ designed by Mies van der Rohe. Taking its cue from the argument to not build tall in 1960s, this panel will discuss whether the debate has had an effect on the current London skyline and should this rigour in assessing tall-buildings be reinstated?

With more than 230 high-rises (of over 20 storeys) planned for London and new high-rise clusters being developed today, would better quality towers have been built in the City if the Mies scheme was built? What is the future of London’s skyline and its impact on the ground level?

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